1st Annual Political Summit

The Annual National Political Summit is a flagship event of the Save
Democracy Group Africa in collaboration with some international development
partners, corporate organizations and the Nigerian political parties. The decision to
institute the Summit was consequent on the landmark successes of the 2015 General Elections,
an election which was generally accepted to have against all predictions
brought peace and stability to our polity and elevated our prestige and international
recognition and acceptance among democratic nations.

Consolidating on the gains of this success shall help to curb the many
ills of our politics which include the lack of internal democracy,
absence of ideological framework, lack of party discipline and inability of participants to
develop positive political culture.

We equally noticed that, the continuous call for political dialogue at the turn of event in
Nigeria shows that some issues in our democracy and in our body politic are far from being settled.
It therefore behooves on us as a nation to continuously dialogue and to build on our past
experiences to create a better nation. The political engineering of our nation should therefore be continuous and all
democrats should be on board.

SDG-Africa, believes that Nigeria is on her path to greatness and to achieve this greatness, we as the political class should continuously
build on the Nigerian dream as encapsulated in the first and third stanza of our first National Anthem, "Nigeria we Hail thee....
though tribe and tongue may differ, but in brotherhood we stand" and "O God of creation, grant this our request, help us to build a nation where
no man is oppressed".